In the vineyard we have –with much love- sown the traditional Aegean-sea varieties Asytriko, Athiri, Monemvasia, Malagouzia, Agiannitis and Mandilaria.


The arrangement of the vines in the field is linear with a distance of two meters in between the vine roots and among the cultivating rows. The vines are cup-shaped and face the South. The yield is small, just 350 kg/hectare. This is due to the fact that the vines are not watered and their needs are covered by the moisture of the atmosphere, mostly carried by the sea breeze.


The cultivation is organic, bio-dynamic, based on the principles of Rudolph Steiner. Thanks to the microclimate of the region –strong north winds and lack of water- and due to the rich ingredients of the soil, remaining free of chemicals, pesticides and intensive cultivation, we produce healthy grapes of a superior taste and quality. The traditional Aegean-sea grape varieties are totally compatible with the existing climatic conditions.


Weeds are extinguished with the co-operation of sheep. Concurrently with the disappearance of the wild greens, the sheep offer their valuable manure to enrich the soil.


Green is dominant in the vineyard in contrast with the dry setting of Mykonos. Vision is captured by the colourful creations of artists and schoolchildren of Mykonos, who have painted old wooden doors and window panes. These, apart from their artistic value, serve to protect the vines from the strong northern winds, so frequent in the Cycladic islands.


The visitor’s promenades and the workers’ daily duties are accompanied by the sounds of classical music, which is diffused through speakers situated around the estate. Studies show that plants, and especially grapes, correspond very positively to good quality music and become healthy and vigorous.



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