Mykonos Vioma was established in 1994 as the result of Nikos Asimomytis’ desire to abandon Athens -and his career as a bank inspector- and return to his fatherland.


The family estates at the regions of Marathi and Koumiri had been this project’s starting point. Later on, an abandoned, 3,6 hectares vineyard had been leased by the monastery of Panaghia Tourliani in Ano Mera, and had then been rejuvenated. Today, a total area of 4,4 hectares is cultivated. Except for the wine, vinegar, vine leaves, grape’s molasses and table-grapes are produced.


Also in the farm… we host 20 bee-hives producing pure honey. At the traditional wood-oven bread with organic flours and a variety of seeds is prepared and baked. In the garden we grow organic seasonal vegetables. Members of the farm’s family are also our dogs, cats, chicken, turkeys, rabbits and our celebrity donkey, Marika.


 The farm can be visited for tours and wine or local products tasting. Please contact us, before visiting. If you want to check on the farm’s imminent happenings, click here.


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